Free Standing Machines

Check out our extensive range of metal processing machines including:

Abrasive Belt Machines: Flat bed abrasive belt grinders, orbital tube sanders and polishers, centreless abrasive belt tube polishers, tube notchers and backstand grinders

Deburring Machines: Garboli wire process tube end deburring machines to 200mm diameter.

Free Standing Machines
  • Tube Processing Machines (Garboli)

    Centreless Grinding Machines up to 89mm diameter.


    Orbital Grinding Machines: LPC & LT range up to 203mm in diameter.


    Tube Deburring Machine:  SET up to 200mm diameter.

  • Tube Notchers & Backstand Grinders

    Garboli NOK tube notcher max working diameter 150mm

  • Flat bed grinding machines

    Garboli Modulo:  Inter-chageable multi head machine.  Max production width 300mm


    Garboli DUO:  Through feed belt grinder with option centreless tube.  Mac production width 150mm

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