Beltit Powerfiles - 230v

230v Beltit Powerfile machines: Available in three different options:

SH range powerfiles: Variable speed control from 0 - 8,000rpm and a wide range of individual arm options.  Designed for the professional stainless steel fabricator

BG range powerfiles: Fixed speed and a range of variable arm options.  Recommended for general fabrication work where complex profiles need to be ground or finished.

BF range powerfiles: With a fixed arm and single speed motor.  Recommended for general deburring and use around the workshop.

Beltit Powerfiles - 230v

Beltit Powerfiles - 230v FAQs

  • What are the advantages of having variable speed on a powerfile machine?

    The most obvious benefit is controllability, particularly when working on stainless steel or aluminium dropping the machine speed can prevent accidental damage to the workpiece from the grinding or finishing process.  The second key benefit from reducing the belt speed comes from the cooler operation.  Cooler grinding leads to an increase abrasive belt life.  We have seen customers who get as much as 6X the belt life as a result of recuing the operational speed with no loss in grinding capacity.

  • How quickly can I change the belts a belt file?

    Very quickly.  With a bit of experience you can change the belts in less than 30 seconds!!  The belts release very easily with no loss in belt tracking.  Slip the cover guard back on and away you go.

  • How do you ensure the belts do not fall off the arm?

    Tracking the machine is very simple.  After putting a new arm on the machine fit a belt then adjust the angle of the arm to be centrally aligned then lock the arm loosely.  Finally use the tracking screw adjust with the belt moved by hand until the belt runs true.  As a final check a simple pulse on / off with the power will show if the belt is tracking well.  Then lock the screw tight and carry on sanding.

  • Is it worth the extra cost of having inter-changeable arms on my belt file?

    Of course, it depends.  Inter-changeability adds flexibility to your belt file.  If you only want to do one process, just buy one arm, or buy a machine with a fixed arm.  Working in a more general metal fabrication industry then one day you will need that different arm.