Belts for Hand Held Machines

Abrasive Finishing Systems stock belts for all types of hand held machine and all our belts are made by Cibo Abrasives to ISO9002 standards.

Belts are organised by machine type which means that all belts for a particular machine should be in the same section.

If you cannot see the particular size or grit you are looking for please feel free to contact us - we can make belts to any length or width you need. Standard manufacturing lead time for 'make item' belts is 7 - 10 days.

Belts for Hand Held Machines

Belts for Hand Held Machines FAQs

  • Which type of abrasive works best on portable belt sanders?

    In woodworking applications, a strong backed aluminium oxide such as our HA66 and TX52 belts are the best choice for portable belt sanding.  

  • Which abrasives should I use for grinding with powerfile machines?

    Although we still stock some zirconia (blue) belts, AFS now mainly reccomend the Cibo Ceramic belts for high aggression stock removal using a powerfile belt.  With the longer belt life and finer finish, ceramic belts are the obvious choice.


  • Which abrasive works best on satin polishing drum sanders?

    The new Cibo Ceramic belts are ideal for initial and intermediate graining on stainless steel sheets and box sections.  

    Use the FX87 P40 or 60 grit for aggressive stock removal, and the P80 / 120 grit sleeves for pre-finishing and creating the grain finish.  A final burr free, satin finish can then be acheived with either a Tex wheel or an SCM belt.

     If you need a very consistent finish, then you may wish to consider using the trizact 337DC belts.  The A300 is excellent for blending a 240 grit finish.  The A65 trizact belt is very similar to a finer 320 grit finsh.

  • What is the tolerance on abrasive belt manufacturing?

    Most small machines have a tolerance anywhere between +/- 5mm, and +/-10mm on some of the wider belt machines.  Cibo manufacture the belts to a tolerance of +/-1mm in length. which means that even if we do not have the exact belt length you need, you will often find a belt of similar length which will fit equally well. Below are a couple of common belt size examples:

    Black & Decker DIY powerfile specifies a length of 451mm.We regularly supply belts 457mm for this machine.

    Fein produce a 2-wheel tube polisher which is specified variously at 610 x 40mm, 618 x 40 and 620 x 40mm.  Not surprisingly, our standard belt is 610 x 40mm and fits the machine every time.