Beltit / Dynafile II Powerfile Abrasive Belts

Abrasive Belts for the Dynafile II (two) and Beltit 457mm long powerfile machines. 

Available in belt widths 3mm, 6mm, 13mm and 19mm.

  • P36 - P60 - Belts for grinding and stock removal.  First choice - Cibo FX87 ceramic belts
  • P80 - P120 - Intermediate finishing and blending belts.  First choice - Cibo FF87 flexible ceramic / al oxide belts
  • SCM belts - For conditioning and satin finishing.  SCM belts leave a smooth burr free finish
  • P150 - P2000 - Fine abrasive belts for refining finishing and polishing

Please note:  We recommend the premium 'red' Cibo Ceramic belts for all grinding and intermediate finishing operations as they out-perform zirconia belts by so much and are no more expensive.   

Beltit / Dynafile II Powerfile Abrasive Belts

Beltit / Dynafile II Powerfile Abrasive Belts FAQs

  • Which is the best belt for removing and blending tubular stainless steel tig welds?

    In our experience 6mm wide belts on the dynafile 2 machine allow for good access into the root of the stainless steel tig welds.  Working with such a narrow belt it is far more effective to remove the weld with a P80 grit Cibo Ceramic.  Part number:  FX87/80/457X6 

    Once the weld has been removed then you can normally go directly to a 'scotchbrite', surface conditioning belt for finishing and blending the weld with the parent metal.  The most common '240 grit' finish can be blended with our medium scm belt.  Part number:  VT/FE2/457X6

  • Will these belts filt the Dynafile 2 machine?

    Yes.  Dynafile supply machines with 2 different belt sizes. 

    • Dynafile 1 uses belts which are 610mm in length
    • Dynafile 2 uses belts which are 457mm in length and have arms to use belts which are 3mm, 6mm, 13mm or 20mm in width

    All the belts on this page will fit the Dynafile 2 machine

  • How do I know which abrasive belts will fit my Beltit finger-file machine?

    The Seco Beltit are the most flexible powerfile machines.  If they have an inter-changeable arm then they can fit belts of many different sizes.  However help is at hand.  All Seco Beltit arms have the arm part number and belt size written on the size of the arm.  

    Furthermore Seco have a consistent code structure on their powerfile arms to make it easy.  so for example arms code

    • 50080  457mm abrasive belts
    • 50081   533mm belts
    • 50082   610mm abrasive belts
    • This is true for all beltit arm codes.  The last number on the arm code number specifies the belt length
  • Can you make 3mm wide abrasive belts for my powerfile?

    Yes.  To reduce complaints due to belt breakage many abrasive belt manufacturers have stopped making 3mm wide belts for the dynafile machine but Cibo have developed their process well and can make a good quality, consistent abrasive belt that is 457mm in length and 3mm wide. 

    Check out our standard stock or made to order items on this page.

  • Will your abrasive belts fit the black & decker belt file?

    Yes.  Black & Decker powerfile machines state a belt size of 451 or 455mm in length dependent on the literature.

    We have supplied many customers with 457mm belts for the Black & Decker range of powerfile machines which gives our customers the opportunity to use premium performance Cibo abrasive belts on a diy machine. 

    Please note that the 'throat' of the machine is very narrow and surface conditioning belts may not run on this type of machine.  If you need a finer finish then we recommend you select the finer grit aluminium oxide cloth belts instead.