Beltit / Flex / Makita / Metabo / Suhner (533mm)

Abrasive powerfile belts for the Flex, Metabo, Suhner, Makita and Beltit machines. 


533mm length abrasive belts to fit a range of commonly available abrasive belt files.  Belts are availavle in a range of widths to suit the different machines (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 20mm, 25mm) and in a wide range of grit sizes. 

If you need high aggression then we recommend starting at P40 rather than P36 grit on powerfile belts but if you are aim for a fine finish then you will save time by starting at the finest belt that will remove the inital metal stock.

  • P40 - P60 - Belts for grinding and stock removal.
  • P80 - P120 - Intermediate finishing and blending belts
  • SCM belts - for conditioning and finishing
  • P150 - P2000 - Fine abrasive belts for refining finishing and polishing


Note:  The Flex, Metabo, Suhner & Makita belt files will only fit belts sized 533 x 9mm.  

Beltit / Flex / Makita / Metabo / Suhner (533mm)

Beltit / Flex / Makita / Metabo / Suhner (533mm) FAQs

  • What width abrasive belt can I use on my Beltit powerfile?

    Beltit machines have the option for inter-changeable arms and can therefore use belts from 3 to 20mm wide (dependent on the specific arm on your machine).  All Beltit machine arms have the abrasive belt size options scribed on the side of the arm.