Suhner Abrasive Belts

Coated abrasive and surface conditioning belts for the Suhner hand held tube polisher.

Ceramic Belts (FX87) - waterproof, high perfomance abrasive belt, recommended where high stock removal is required

Zirconia Belts (TZ59) - heavy weight, cotton backed zirconia belt, used for most applications from grinding aluminium to satin finishing stainless steel

Aluminium Oxide Belts (JF4T) - flexible abrasive belt with a great belt life when finishing and polishing metals

Trizact Belts (237AA) - finishing belts when good stock removal and consistent finishing is required

Surface Conditioning Belts - designed for blending and finishing metals

If you cannot see the particular size or grit you are looking for please feel free to contact us - we can make belts to any length or width you need. Standard manufacturing lead time for none stock belts is 7 - 10 days. Alternatively, please see our full range of abrasive tube polishing belts here.

Suhner Abrasive Belts

Suhner Abrasive Belts FAQs

  • Which belts should I use on the Suhner tube polisher for satin finishing stainless steel tubes?

    Although the mini Suhner tube polisher is not as good as the Fintube on larger handrails it is still handy for small area work.  The most common belts we supply for use on the Suhner belt sander are

    FX87 80 grit ceramic abrasive belts for light weld blending and damage removal

    Medium scm belts for the final finish blending to a 240 grit

    Very fine scm belts for finish blending to a 320 / Q-rail finish