Tube Polishing Machine Abrasive Belts - Finitube

Easy on the Bends - Belts for the Cibo Finitube

675mm x 40mm wide abrasive belts for tube finishing suitable for the Finitube tube polishing machine from Cibo Abrasives.

Surface Conditioning Abrasive Belts (SCM) - for blending, finishing and deburring on stainless steel, aluminium and alloy metals.

  • Coarse Belts (Brown) - will remove light tig welds - 150/180 grit finish
  • Medium (Maroon) - blend the coarse grade - 240/280 grit finish
  • Very Fine (Blue) - blend coarser grades - 320/360 grit finish
  • Zirconia Abrasive Belts - heavy weight, cotton backed for grinding aluminium to satin finish stainless steel

 FF87 - flexible ceramic aluminium oxide abrasive belts - excellent belt life when polishing and finishing

3M Trizact Abrasive belts (337DC) - provides consistent stock removal and provides excellent belt life

  • 3M 337DC - Green Trizact.  Ideal for satin polishing tubes
  • 3M 237AA - Silver Trizact.  Ideal for pre-polishing tubes
Tube Polishing Machine Abrasive Belts - Finitube

Tube Polishing Machine Abrasive Belts - Finitube FAQs

  • What is the correct belt size for the Cibo Finitube machine?

    The Cibo Finitube uses belts size 675 x 40mm so all the belts on this page will fit the Finitube machine

  • What is the best process for putting a 240 grit satin finish on a stainless steel handrail with a tube polisher?

    Ideally remove any weld marks and damage with the medium Cibo RCD combination disc and then you are ready to restore the satin finish with the Finitube machine.

    Step 1:  Use the Trizact A300 belt to put a consistent grain finish on the surface

    Step 2.  Blend the surface finish with the original parent metal using the medium surface conditioning belts to leave a soft, burr free finish.

    Why is the 337DC Trizact belt more expensive?

    Each block of abrasive on the Trizact belt is an agglomeration of hundreds of tiny abrasive grains & each grain is the same size.  So all the abrasive grains on an A300 belt are 300 micron in size.  This means that Trziact belts will...

    • Last much longer
    • Be very consistent in terms of it's finish
    • When used correctly it will be the most cost effective way of completing a process



  • Which hand held tube polisher is the best for polishing tubular bends?

    Please forgive our arrogance but the Cibo Finitube was designed to solve this very problem. 

    When working on a bend make sure the arm is wrapped well over the tube and pull the Finitube towards you a few millimeters.  Hey presto, the tube becomes the contact wheel for your belts and the Finitube will finish around your tubular bends with ease...

    So the answer to which hand held tube polisher is best for polishing around bends? 

    • The Cibo Finitube.  Obviously.
  • How do I remove scratches from stainless steel handrails?

    If you need to use your tube polisher to remove scratches & damage from stainless steel tube then the likeliehood is that some of the marks may go quite deep.  For this reason we recommend starting with an 80 grit ceramic sanding belt.

    Stage 1 - Removing the Scratches from the Handrail:

    • If it is for straight tube only then we would recommend the FX87 80 grit belts (SKU: FX87/80/675X40 ).  With a strong polyester backing it has a great cut.  Note: the backing does not have enough flexibility to work around bends
    • If you are working on curves then we would recommend the FF87 flexible ceramic 80 grit belts ( SKU: FF87/80/675X40).  With the ceramic grain you maintain the high aggression but with the capacity to work around the bends & curves.

    If the scratches are less deep then start with the P120 grit FF87 belts instead (SKU: FF87/120/675X40), if you are after a more prominent grain finish in the tube you can then go directly to the Medium 'scotch' belt, missing out stage 2.

    Stage 2 - Restoring a Satin Finish on the Handrail:

    • Before finishing with a surface conditioning belt we recommend that you create a finer grain structure with the FF87 P180 grit 675mm x 40mm belts (SKU: FF87/180/675X40 ).  This will leave a fine almost 240 grain finish which can be polished over very quickly with... 

    Stage 3:

    • A final very quick finish with the VT RC2 675 x 40mm medium surface conditioning / scotch belts (sku:  VT/RC2/675X40 )

    We always recommend scm belts as the final stage when satin finishing tubes as they will leave the tubes clean, burr free and will blend any previous sanding marks to a uniform finish.