Abrasive Belts For Static Machines

Abrasive Finishing Systems stock abrasive belts for all types of stationary sanding and grinding machines such as backstand grinders and the Garboli Tube sanding and polishing machines.

Organised by machine type you will be able to find the belt you want quickly and easily. Within each section you will be able to filter by size, material and grit size to quickly find the belt you need.

Abrasive Belts For Static Machines

Abrasive Belts For Static Machines FAQs

  • Which belt do you recommend for coarse grinding of steel?

    The Cibo Ceramic coarse grit belts are excellent for aggressive, heavy stock removal of steel. Normally in P36 pr P60 grit, dependent on the amount of material you need to remove and the final finish required.

  • Which belt do you recommend for a fine satin finish on stainless steel?

    Available in Coarse, Medium and Very Fine to put a great finish on your workpiece our surface conditioning belts are a great choice.

  • Which belt material would you recommend for shaping aluminium?

    It may surprise you to know that the Cibo ceramic products are also excellent for grinding and shaping aluminium. More commonly a P60 / 80 grit is the start point here.

  • Which belt would you recommend for polishing preparation?

    The Trizact range of belts give an excellent belt life whilst their engineered structure guarantees the same finish every time.

    If you need further help please feel free to contact us - we can make belts to any length or width you need. Standard manufacturing lead time for 'make item' belts is 7 - 10 days.

  • Somebody recommended I buy a blue belt for grinding steel. Which belt is that?

    Most zirconia belts are blue so that would include products such as our heavy duty backed HZ72 material which we stock in most coarse grits for backstand grinders and tube notchers.  that includes the common 2000 x 150 and 2000 x 75mm belts.  


    If you are looking for a belt to outperform the zirconia belts then would strongly recommend you look at the FX87 Cibo Ceramic belts which out cut, out grind and out finish the zrconia belts on both steel and stainless steel.  

  • What difference does abrasive belt flexibility make?

    For backstand grinder belts (2000 x 75, 2000 x 100 etc) the grinding pressure will be higher so a good strong, preferably polyester backed cloth is ideal. For more detail sanding where you are working on the slack of the belt (such as is sometimes the case with a vertical linisher – belt sizes 1525 x 25, 1065 x 25) or powerfile belts then flexibility can be more important.


    For a longer read we have prepared a blog article which gives some more detail on belt flexibility options See our blog article