Garboli LPC 500 Abrasive Belts - 1500mm

The Garboli LPC 500 Orbital Tube Polishing Machine operates using 1500mm x 90mm abrasive belts. Below are a list of belts from most abrasive to least abrasive that will fit the LPC 500. 

The Garboli LPC 500 machine can process straight and bent tubular parts, from 10mm to 203mm diameter. The minimum bent radiius for bent tubes is 450mm.

If the belt you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us amd we can have nay belts made and delivered in 7 - 10 days. 

Belts for the Garboli LPC 160 can be found here, and belts for the Garboli LPC 300 can be found here.  

Garboli LPC 500 Abrasive Belts - 1500mm

Garboli LPC 500 Abrasive Belts - 1500mm FAQs

  • Do I need different abrasive belts for bent tubes?

    When processing tubes with a tighter bend radius with the Garboli LPC 500, it is common to use belts with a wave edge. However, this recommendation is based on specific applications so we would suggest you get in touch with us to discuss the need for wave edge belts for your bent tube processes.