Vertical Linishers

Featured Products: Vertical Linishing Belts

When choosing a belt for a vertical linisher it is important to consider the application. If you are working against a platen then select a belt with a strong backing. If you are working on the ‘slack of the belt’ then a more flexible belt will be really helpful.

Vertical Linishers

Vertical Linishers FAQs

  • When would I use the Cibo Ceramic belts?

    Ceramic (FX87): have impressive grinding abilities and their heavy duty Y weight polyester backing makes them tear resistant. These qualities makes them an outstanding choice for use on vertical linishing machines against a platen.

  • When would I use the Zirconia belts?

    Zirconia (HZ72 & TZ59): HZ72 belt is a polyester backed belt designed for heavy use in a work shop and can be used wet or dry for a range of applications such as grinding aluminium to satin finishing stainless steel.

  • Which belts are suitable for a 'Slack of Belt' applications?

    FF87 is a new ceramic material which is grit across the range on high quality metals.

    TJ7 and Jf4top are aluminium oxide products which will do a great job on non-ferrous applications

  • What is Trizact (237AA)?

    Trizact is often called an engineered abrasive in that it has a very tight finish tolerance. Trizact belts are often used where high quality polishing is required or where an exact surface finish is specified. Trizact is often used in aerospace and other metal polishing applications