Vertical Linisher Abrasive Belts - 1220 x 50mm

Abrasive belts for vertical linishing machines which are all 1220 x 50mm and need to be robust enough for daily use and offer an outstanding lifetime.

We offer a variety of abrasive belts for vertical linishing machines, please see below our range of abrasive belts.

Aluminium Oxide (HA66) - waterproof backed abrasive belt, recommended where high pressure grinding of iron and steel is required

Aluminium Oxide (JF4T) - very flexible abrasive belt with grinding aids in the top coating, great belt life when finishing and polishing stainless steel

Zirconia (HZ72) - polyester backed zirconia abrasive belt, used for grinding stainless steel, steel and aluminium

If you cannot see the required belt size or grit required, please do get in contact as we can manufacture belts with a 7-10 day lead time.

Alternatively, view our full range of Vertical Linisher Belts.

Vertical Linisher Abrasive Belts - 1220 x 50mm