Other sizes of Vertical Linishing Belts

Abrasive belts for vertical linishing machines which are of less common sizes.

We offer a variety of abrasive belts for vertical linishing machines, please use the filter system below to help choose your belts quickly and easily.

Zirconia (TZ59) - heavy weight cotton backed belt for grinding aluminium casting through to satin finishing stainless steel

Zirconia (HZ72) - polyester backed zirconia abrasive belt, used for grinding stainless steel, steel and aluminium

Trizact (237AA) - recommended when good stock removal, a consistent finish with a defined Ra value

Aluminium Oxide (TJ7) - flexible, poly-cotton abrasive belt, ideal for polishing steel or sanding timber lippings

If you cannot see the required belt size or grit required, please do get in contact as we can manufacture belts with a 7-10 day lead time.

Alternatively, view our full range of Vertical Linisher Belts.

Other sizes of Vertical Linishing Belts
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