2000mm x 50mm Grinding Belts

2000mm x 50mm grinding belts are available zirconia, ceramic and surface conditioning material, in varying grit sizes.

Our HZ72 range of zirconia grinding belts can be used wet or dry and we recommend the coarser grits for the grinding of stainless steel and aluminium.

If you are looking for slightly less aggression and a more satin finish on your workpiece our TZ59 zirconia belts are great when achieving this on aluminium castings.

For premium, top level performance the Cibo range of ceramic belts are the best. 2000mm x 50mm ceramic belts provide high performance grinding when high pressure and large stock removal is required on stainless steel, steel and alloys.

As well as providing the aggression required to remove stock from your workpiece, you can also apply a grain finish on your workpiece in one action.

Can't see the belt size required? Take a look at our full range of grinding belts.

2000mm x 50mm Grinding Belts