2000mm x 75mm Grinding Belts

Grinding, Sanding & Polishing Belts, 2000mm Long x 75mm Wide for Backstand Grinders and Tube Notchers

  • Ceramic Belts (FX87) - Premium high performance abrasive belts. With a waterproof backing, FX87 belts offer great cut rate. Recommened for high stock removal processes.

  • Zirconia Belts (HZ72) - Can be used wet or dry for the grinding of stainless steel or aluminium.

  • Trizact Belts (237AA) - Perfect for applying a super fine finish to stainless steel. Also ideal for preparing surfaces for mirror polishing. Trizact Belts have long belt life and leave a very consistent finish.

  • Surface Conditioning Belts - Designed for deburing and blending finishes as well as leaving fine satin finishes. VT/FE2 belts are capable of leaving a 240 grit 'soft touch' satin finish.

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2000mm x 75mm Grinding Belts

2000mm x 75mm Grinding Belts FAQs

  • When should I use a Zirconia belt?

    HZ72 Zirconia belts are a competitively priced general purpose grinding belt. Top coated, heavy weight polyester backed, they can be used wet or dry for great results on stainless steel and aluminium.


    FX87 Ceramic belts offer all a Zirconia belt does and more. Ceramic 2000mm x 75mm grinding belts have exceptional belt life, as well as a higher speed of cut. With a waterproof backing, FX87 can also operate dry or wet, though even when dry, the Ceramic material maintains a cool cut. 


    FX87 Ceramic belts are capable of grinding and finishing stainless steel, steel, aerospace alloys and even aluminium.

  • What belt should I use for grinding metal?

    Cibo's FX87 Ceramic material 2000mm x 75mm belts offer excellent grinding qualities. Their high cut rate and ability to remain cool while grinding mean they are ideal for high aggresion grinding. Their waterproof backing allows for wet opperation, which in turn allows for an even longer belt life.

  • Which belts should I use for notching steel tubes & pipes?

    Ceramic FX87 belts from Cibo are ideal for notching steel tubes and pipes. The high aggression and grinding capabilities of FX87 belts means they can easily breakdown steel workpeices. Additionaly, the cool cut of FX87 keeps the belt from over heating, extending the belt life.


    We would recommend FX87 in 36 grit (SKU: FX87/36/2000x75) for tubes with thicker walls, and FX87 60 grit (SKU: FX87/60/2000x75) where the tube walls are thinner.

  • Are Ceramic belts better than Zirconia?

    Zirconia HZ72 belts are an excellent choice for high pressure grinding. The Zirconia material operates well in the coarse range of grits, pushing hard on the workpeice, removing stock. 


    FX87 ceramic belts have a faster cut rate than Zirconia belts. When grinding, the ceramic material breaks down to reveal fresh cutting surfaces. This, coupled with the cooling action of FX87 ceramic belts, ensures a long belt life.


    The firm waterproof backing of FX87 ceramic belts allows for wet or dry opperation and increased aggression, ideal for grinding, shaping and removing damage and mill scale.


    While a 36 grit Zirconia belt (SKU: HZ72/36/2000x75) will offer excelent grinding qualities, the FX87 Ceramic belt in the same 36 grit (SKU: FX87/36/2000x75) will require less pressure on the work peice to remove material.

  • Can I use 2000mm x 75mm belts for polishing?

    2000mm x 75mm belts in Trizact material can achieve a pre mirror polish finish on stainless steel workpieces.

    First process the workpeice to a fine satin finish with the following belts:

    • Achieve a 120 grit finish with the ceramic FX87/120/2000x75
    • Apply a soft touch 240 grit satin finish with the medium surface conditioning belt, VT/FE2/2000x75


    Refine a nominally grain free finish and remove super fine sanding lines with the following Trizact 237AA belts:

    • Step up the finish with the 400 grit 237AA/45/2000x75
    • Follow this up with the 800 grit 237AA/30/2000x75
    • Optionally, you can go a step further and use the 1400 grit 237AA/16/2000x75 trizact belt for an even better finish
    • The surface is now ready for mirror polishing with a non abrasive belt and PV/101 polishing soap