FX87 Ceramic grit 36 grit belt 2000mm x 100mm grinding belt

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SKU: FX87/36/2000X100 FX87 Cibo Ceramic grain grinding belt - 45 degree joint : 2000mm x 100 mm - 36grit

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FX87 36 grit 2000 mm x 100mm is our high performance, ceramic abrasive belt material with a heavy duty waterproof backing.

Used for the coarse grinding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium & high alloy metals.

FX87 contains specially formulated grinding aids which…
– Give a much cooler, freer cut on steels..
– Reduce clogging on aluminium which also increases the cut rate significantly.
– Provide significantly longer belt life when used on stainless steel and other metals

With the premium ceramic grain, FX87 comes into it’s own when grinding high alloy metals.

FX87 is not the cheapest belt on the market, but it will save money through both belt lifetime and with working speed.

Fits on most 4″ wide fabrication shop belt grinders.

Grit Size

36 grit

Cibo Product Code



2000 mm


100 mm

Backing Type

Heavy Duty – Polyester

Grit Type