237AA Trizact A65 belt 940mm x 60mm

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SKU: 237AA/65/940X60 Trizact 237EA Finishing belt - A65 grit (P280 equivalent) : 940 x 60mm

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3M Trizact 940mm x 60mm belts in grade A65 are part of the recommended Trizact polishing sequence to refine stainless steel from a satin finish to a mirror polish on the Garboli LPC300 orbital sander.

The Trizact A65 belt would follow on from the Trizact A160 (180 grit) polishing belt. Trizact A65 will leave a bright high reflection finish.

Trizact A65 finishing belts give a consistent and defined Ra surface finish with a nominal 280 grit finish.

At the end of the sequence we recommend polishing using the VT T00 non-abrasive belts with the Cibo PV/102 polishing compound to leave a consistent high quality bright polished finish.

Excellent for aerospace, stainless steel and metal polishing applications.

Recommended polishing sequence: A160 – A65 – A30 – A16 – A6 – VT T00 belts.

Garboli Orbital tube sander belts – main category



Garboli LPC300

Grit Size

A65 / 280 grit

Cibo Product Code



940 mm


60 mm

Backing Type

Flexible Cotton

Grit Type


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