SCM Surface Conditioning Belt Medium A grade 610mm x 25mm

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SKU: VT/RC2/610X25 Med A Surface conditioning belt : 610 mm x 25 mm - Rapid Cut

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Surface conditioning belts are designed for blending, finishing, deburring and structural finishing of stainless steel, aluminium, copper and high alloy metals.

Medium grade 610 mm x 25 mm belts.

Coarse belts – Will remove light tig welds and surface damage leaving a 150 / 180 grit finish

Medium belts – will blend the coarse grade, remove light burrs and leave a 240 /280 grit finish

V Fine belts – will blend the coarser grades and leave a 320 / 360 grit finish

Grit Size


Cibo Product Code



610 mm


25 mm

Backing Type

Surface Conditioning

Grit Type

Aluminium Oxide

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