FF87 Ceramic 180 grit belt 610mm x 40mm

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SKU: FF87/180/610X40 FF87 ceramic grit belt - 180 grit : 610 mm x 40 mm

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FF87 180 grit 610 mm x 40 mm is a our high performance ceramic / ali oxide abrasive belt material with a a waterproof backing.

FF87 is more flexible than the FX87 material which makes it suitable for grinding and finishing bent tubes.

Use for fine grinding.

We recommend FF87 where high pressure /high volume stock removal is required on stainless steel, steel and aerospace alloys.

FF87 performs particularly well on wide belt sanders for graining stainless steel. It can also be used on backstand grinders for stainless steel and high pressure steel applications. Additionally, FF87 can be used on the Garboli through-feed tube grinders and polishers.


Flex LBR1506

Grit Size

180 grit

Cibo Product Code



610 mm


40 mm

Backing Type

Flexible Poly-Cotton

Grit Type