Abrasive Cutting Discs

Only Use Cibo Abrasive Cutting Discs if you Want Premium Performance and Premium Quality!

Cibo offer 4 different qualities of abrasive cutting and grinding discs:

Industrial Line:  Cutting Discs tested to destruction so you don't have to. 

Suitable for steel cutting, special alloy metals, stainless steels and aluminium Cibo Industrial Line discs are multi purpose cutting discs availble in a range of sizes including 4.5" and 5" (115mm and 125mm).

Top Line:  Developed for our more demanding industrial applications. Cibo top line discs have a superior life and performance abrasive cutting discs.

Top Line discs are suitable for use on both stationary and hand held abrasive machines due to their stability and cut rate.

Available Diameters: 100mm (4 Inch), 115mm (4.5 Inch), 125mm (5 Inch), 150mm, 230mm, 305mm & 355mm

Abrasive Cutting Discs

Abrasive Cutting Discs FAQs

  • Which disc is best suited to cutting titanium exhausts?

    Cibo recently developed the new SNRN premium performance disc which has a high grade ceramic abrasive grain making it particularly suited to titanium cutting.  Available in 115mm and 125mm diameters.