Ceramic Abrasive Flap Discs

NEW - Abrasive Ceramic Flap Discs:

Cibo Ceramics - Welcome to the Future

If you want a fast grinding action with cool cutting and extra long life on your abrasive flap disc then it is time to discover the new Cibo Ceramic abrasive flap discs. Available in 115mm and 125mm diameters, our ceramic range of flap discs are an upgrade on existing zirconia flap discs. 

  • Much longer life than traditional premium zirconia flap discs. Tests both in lab and real life conditions show anywhere between 3 and 5x increase in lifetime
  • Faster cutting than traditional premium zirconia discs
  • Cooler cutting. The fast speed of cut combined with the grinding aids allows for a much cooler cut and shorter grinding time

Where to use the ceramic flap disc

  • Grinding mill scale on steel and stainless steel. FHCC 40 grit flap discs will cut and keep cutting
  • Shaping steel structures. FHCC 60 grit give a little more control whilst removing metal quicker and with a cooler action
  • Fettling aluminium FTC 40, the fastest way to grind aluminium known to man. Real fast cut with a much better finish than a grinding disc can achieve.

Cibo ceramic flap discs - designed for performance. Have the future, now.

For a bevelled edge choose FHCC ceramic flap discs. For a flat faced flap disc choose FHCF ceramic flap discs.

Ceramic Abrasive Flap Discs