Grip, Plain + Self-Adhesive Discs

Abrasive fixing options available:

Velcro: Paper, cloth, surface conditioning and unitised discs

Self-adhesive: Paper & cloth discs

Plain: Paper & cloth discs

For more information check out our FAQ’s below.

Grip, Plain + Self-Adhesive Discs

Grip, Plain + Self-Adhesive Discs FAQs

  • Which is better self-adhesive or Velcro / grip?

    For most applications grip abrasive discs and also a better disc life, as well as the flexibility to change between discs when required.

    If however you require exact tolerance sanding such as in the F1 support teams then we recommend the self-adhesive discs.

  • Can I buy plain discs and apply the self-adhesive myself?

    Yes. In fact we supply a spray can of adhesive which we recommend for this purpose (sku: SPLA). This is a great solution if you think you will need to store the discs for any length of time as you don’t have to worry about the self-adhesive ‘going off’ over time.