Felt: Grip Discs

Specifically designed for mirror polishing and cleaning applications we stock a wide range of felt discs with a velcro / grip backing

Felt: Grip Discs

Felt: Grip Discs FAQs

  • Why do you have different densities of felt?

    A hard felt will give you a longer disc life and also be more durable near metal edges but it can also risk loading up with polishing soap.

    A softer felt disc gives a lovely finish and breaks down more easily, consequently they will also wear out faster.

    The higher the number (440 / 600) the harder the felt.

  • Will the felt scratch the surface?

    It depends. Even a soft cotton cloth will leave a very fine scratch in a bright polished surface so we counsel caution against running a dry disc on a finished surface.

  • What sizes of felt are available?

    Our felt grip discs come in a range of sizes from 50mm diameter through to 178mm diameter and can be provided with or without a centre hole.