Abrasive Paper Grip Discs

Abrasive Finishing Systems provides paper backed grip discs in three grit types

Zirconia – for metal working applications

Aluminium Oxide – woodworking and fine sanding of metal

Silicon Carbide – paints, lacquers and glass or ceramics.

Abrasive Paper Grip Discs

Abrasive Paper Grip Discs FAQs

  • Which is better self-adhesive or Velcro / grip?

    Although self-adhesive discs are often cheaper they have a few disadvantages. Primarily that you cannot inter-change the discs but also velcro / grip discs have a longer life in general.

  • Which disc would I use for orbital sanding stainless steel?

    Our KP950 material is the best option for this application and most commonly people use the P80 disc which leaves a consistent soft sating non-directional finish.