Paper Grip Discs - 150mm Diameter

Paper backed grip discs with and without holes in 150mm diameter.

We offer 150mm paper discs with a zirconia grit and also an aluminium oxide grit.

CA330 (Aluminium Oxide) - grip discs with a semi flexible backing, ideal fir sanding primary paint coatings and lacquers

SA331 (Aluminium Oxide) - provides great aggression and durability making it good for sanding hard metals

KP950F (Zirconia) - provides excellent speed of cut and performance comapred to aluminium oxide when working on hardwoods and steel

KP949FO (Zirconia) - extremely strong grip discs for demanding applications and general joinery

SP706 (Silicon Carbide) -strong grip discs for hardwoods making it perfect for sanding wooden floors and parquet

Paper grip discs in other diameters can be found on our main paper grip disc page.

Paper Grip Discs - 150mm Diameter