300mm, 350mm and 355mm Self Adhesive Discs

Self adhesive abrasive discs are available in 300mm, 350mm, and 355mm.

We provide Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia and Silicon Carbide self adhesive discs which easily attach to your tool.

Aluminium Oxide - Extremely strong, for sanding soft woods and general joinery as well as aluminium and steel, but tends to "dull" quicker on tougher materials

Zirconia - For use on stainless steel, steel and when finishing and deburring on hardwoods

Silicon Carbide - Perfect for wooden floors and parquet as well as soft woods, glass and stone

Due to the type of product, once ordered, we will get your order to the factory to ensure the maximum lifetime and quality of your product.

Have you considered using the grip backing instead? Grip discs remove all the mess and hassle of changing discs, gives the flexibility to change grit sizes on and off the machine and improves abrasive disc life.

300mm, 350mm and 355mm Self Adhesive Discs
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