115mm (4 1/2") Cutting Disc

Metal cutting discs need to provide high quality, precise cuts. You want a disc that not only provides a consistent, clean cut but one that allows you to work and work without constantly changing discs. 

4 1/2 inch (115mm) cutting discs from Cibo Abrasives allow you to achieve just that. We supply two ranges of metal cutting discs:

Industrial Line (Product Code: SNST)

Multi purpose discs for steel, stainless steels, aluminium and special alloy metals, providing quality and life time in equal measure.

Top Line (Product Code: SNIN)

Developed for demanding applications where, precision is key whilst increasing life time and improving cutting capabilities. Due to their stability, 115mm (4 1/2") cutting discs are suitable for both stationary machines such as chop saws and hand held machines such as angle grinders.

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115mm (4 1/2") Cutting Disc