Quick Change Discs

We supply 2 distinct quick change fixing systems. Our Lockit system (3M roloc compatible) and the Socatt.  

  • Lockit/Roloc:  Plastic male screw button which fits into a range of back up pads with M14 and 6mm fixings.  From 38mm to 75mm diameter.
  • Socatt:  Metal to metal screw fixing which to fit a range of back up pads with M14 or 6mm spindle fixings.  From 24mm to 75mm.

Availability: Both Roloc / Lockit and Socatt discs are available from coarse P24 grit through to felt (for mirror polishing)

  • Ceramic - Premium performance grinding when high stock removal is key
  • Zirconia - General purpose grit for deburring and finishing
  • Trizact - Provides consistent stock removal and can apply a pre-polished finish when following grades
  • Unitised - Used to prepare a pre-polished finish or brighter finish (QSSA, QLSA) or satin finish with QLMA, or QSMA quick change discs.
Quick Change Discs