Quick Change Discs - Lockit: 50mm Diameter

Quick Change 50mm Roloc/Lockit fixing discs.

Our 50mm diameter Roloc/Lockit discs are available in a variety of grit types and sizes. From ceramic grit discs for a great cut right the way through to felt discs to be used with our polishing compounds when polishing your metals.

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Quick Change Discs - Lockit: 50mm Diameter

Quick Change Discs - Lockit: 50mm Diameter FAQs

  • Which back up pads will fit 50mm diameter Roloc discs?

    We normally stock 2 different back up pads to fit the 3M Roloc and Cibo Lockit quick change discs.

    • SKU:  QLRH/M/50M14 is designed to fit on the 115mm and 125mm angle grinders

    n.b.  The 75mm Lockit / Roloc discs will alos fit onto the 50mm back up pad to give a more flexible edge

    • SKU:  QLHO/M/506 have a 6mm shaft so they will fit onto air tools and drills with a 6mm collet