Metal Cutting Disc - 230mm

We supply a range of 230mm metal cutting discs to help you with all your metal cutting needs.

Rightlines (SNTA & SNPA) - for stainless steel and thin panel cutting

Rightlines (DD/MS) - Perfect for cutting construction materials such as granite, stone and brick. The 10mm deep laser welded cutting segments increase the durability and cut life of the disc. This, paired with the 'turbo' shaping of the cutting segments, which employs a cooling effect and combats over heating, means one disc will cut multiple materials and last longer.

Cibo Abrasvies (SNIN & SNST) - great on stainless steel, aluminium and steel, providing a premium lifetime and speed of cut.

If you cannot see the cutting disc you require, please view our full range of metal cutting discs.

Metal Cutting Disc - 230mm