19mm Keyway Abrasive Cloth Flap Brushes

Use the FMLA cloth flap wheel for grinding, roughing, cleaning, sanitising.

The aluminium oxide grit also allows you to deburr your workpiece and the flexible abrasive contact means it remains cool whilst in use. As well as stock removal our cloth flap wheels will leave a regular linear structured finish.

Select from our popular 19mm keyway cloth flap wheels below or select the size you require on the left.

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19mm Keyway Abrasive Cloth Flap Brushes

19mm Keyway Abrasive Cloth Flap Brushes FAQs

  • Can I use cloth flap wheels on an angle grinder?

    There are two issues to consider when looking to mount a flap wheel or brush onto an angle grinder.  Firstly the maximum safe operating speed and secondly whether the angle grinder shaft and bearings can cope with the twist / tortion resultion from a wide wheel mounted on the head of the machine.


    Maximum speed of 100mm diameter cloth flap wheels

    FMLA 100 x 100mm abrasive flap wheels  max operating speed  5,700 rpm

    FMLA 100 x 100mm abrasive flap wheels.  Max operating speed 5,700 rpm

    The recommended speed is however lower dependent on the application.

    - For grinding we would recommend approx 4,000 rpm 

    -  For finishing we would recommend a lower speed of 3,000 to 3,500 rpm


    Grinder Head Stability

    This is potentially a bigger issue.

    Angle grinders are designed and built to operate with (relatively) thin discs, up to 10mm thick.  Operating with a wheel 100mm wide is going to put significant twist on the machine bearings.  For this reason we do not recommend using 100mm wide wheels on varaible speed grinders unless they are specifically designed to take a keyway wheel mounting.

    The 50mm wide wheels will succesfully run on variable speed grinders 


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