Brushes + Wheels with Centre Hole incl. unitised

Abrasive wheels and brushes with a centre hole are used on a wide range of machines. We have products in this section to fit the following machines:

Spindle polishers, straight grinders, bench grinders and fillet weld grinders.

If you need more information there are lots of questions answered in the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page.

Brushes + Wheels with Centre Hole incl. unitised

Brushes + Wheels with Centre Hole incl. unitised FAQs

  • What are Unitised Wheels?

    Compressed layers of a nonwoven fleece impregnated with grinding aids, abrasives and flexible resins creates sheets of unitised abrasive which can then be cut into discs and wheels. They are commonly used on the Cibo Finiteasy, fillet weld grinders and bench grinders for finishing and deburring applications.

    Unitised (SA5 & SA6 Grades): should be used for light deburring, scratch removal and pre-polishing

    Unitised (SA7 & MA8 Grades): used for tig weld removal, deburring and pre-polishing when more aggression is needed than with the SA5 and SA6, often used in smaller diameters on air tools

    Unitised (MA5 Grade): more aggressive than the SA5 disc, providing a satin finish when deburring and removing welds

    Unitised (TA10 Grade): Completely re-designed and improved the new TA discs are very high aggression disc where fast stock removal is key

    Combi Unitised (GA range):  Another Cibo innovation, fillet weld grind & polishing all in one action

  • What are Convolute Wheels?

    Convolute wheels are made from an open web structure would around a central core. Primarily used for deburring and soft satin finishing, they can be made in a number of diameters, but are most commonly used in 150mm and 200mm diameters and from 6 to 300mm wide.

    Convolute wheels are available in 4 different grades

    • SA1. The hardest wheel. Primarily used for deburring machined parts.
    • SA1. The hardest wheel. Primarily used for deburring machined parts.
    • SA2. Also used for deburring and fine satin finishing of stainless and non-ferrous metals
    • SA3. More suited to finishing aluminium
    • SA4. The softest wheel. Used in a wider format they are used for putting a soft grain finish. 
  • Do you supply flap wheels to fit on a tapered shaft?

    Some of our unitised wheels will fit onto a tapered shaft but in principle we prefer to supply wheels to fit on a parallel shaft. This improves safety and reduces vibration thus improving operator comfort to use them.

  • Do you supply wooden centre flap wheels?

    No. As the Cibo Abrasives operation in the UK and Ireland we choose to follow their pattern. On the continent wooden centre wheels are deemed to be a health risk so all our flap wheels are designed for mounting on a parallel shaft.

    Please select the type of brush or wheel you are searching for and then select the correct dimensions for your machine