Cibo Convolute Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive convolute wheels have soft abrasive contact for material removal and finishing all in one action.

SA1 - Our hardest convolute wheel, for controlled deburring and removing weld discolouration to leave a satin finish

SA2 - Softer than the SA1 wheel, for a finer satin finish and for leaving a structured finish on aluminium

SA3 - Softer again than the SA1 and SA2 wheels to give a more consistent finish on harder metals

Please use our filter system below to help you select your required wheel. Our 150mm discs, 6mm wide can be used on our Cibo Finit-Easy machine as well as other fillet weld grinders.

Cibo Convolute Abrasive Wheels

Cibo Convolute Abrasive Wheels FAQs

  • How do Cibo grades compare to other Convolute products?

    The most commonly used grades for convolute abrasive wheels are:

    • 9SFN, or 9S fine.  This is the equivalent to the Cibo SA1 convolute wheel
    • 8 AM or 8 A medium.  Equivalent to the Cibo SA2 convolute wheels
    • 7SFN or 7S fine grade.  Which are equivalent to the Cibo SA3 convolute wheels


    The SA1 wheels are the hardest and most dense wheels  and are therefore excellent for tough deburring applications where a very fine soft satin finish is required.

    The SA2, or 8A medium wheel is our most popular wheel in 200mm / 8" diameter for putting a brushed satin finish on architectural ironmongery such as aluminium door handles

    The SA7 or 7S fine wheel is again a finer grade which is also commonly used for deburring applcations or for brighter and finer satin brush finishing. 

  • What is a light deburring wheel?

    Light deburring wheels are fine grade, soft density unitized or convolute wheel which are typically designed to fit onto a bench grinder.  Typicallly 150mm diameter and either 13mm or 25mm wide.  Primarily light deburring wheels are used for removing light burrs to leave behind a clean polished surface withour damaging the workpiece.

    Typical light deburring product applications:

    • SA grade 1.  Wound convolute wheel construction.  SA1 wheels (sometimes referred to as a 9 S Fine wheel) are the hardest of the deburring wheels and are made with a very fine abrasive grain.    SA grade 5 is the most common deburring wheel.  Use it for removing fine machined threads.  It leaves a semi-bright uniform finish, commonly referred to as 2SFN deburring wheels
    • SA grade 3.  Wound convolute wheel construction.  The softer and more conformable of the convolute constructed wheels the grade 3 (or 6 S Fine ) deburring wheel gives a more comfortable feel on the workpiece and is ideal for use where there are softer edges and an very fine architectural satin finish is required.
    • SA grade 6.  Unitised construction.  Often used in machine shops where a slightly heavier burrs need to be removed or where there is there is a risk of the wheels being damaged by heavier edges.  Commonly referred to as 3SFN deburring wheels
    • MA grade 8.  A coarser and more durable wheel.  Ecellent for heavier burrs.  The MA8 will leave a distinct fine satin finish


  • How do Cibo wheels compare with the 3M light deburring wheels?

    3M primarily supply convolute light deburring wheels for bench grinder applications.  Below are the Cibo equivalent grades in the convolute wheel range


    3m LDW           Cibo LDW

    9 S Fine               SA 1

    8 S Medium          SA 2

    7 S Fine               SA 3

    And for the unitised wheel range 3M light deburring wheels


    3M                  Cibo

    2 SFN                   SA 5

    3 SFN                   SA 6


    Additionally Cibo also have the following grades

    SA 7  harder than the SA 6 it will give a longer life compared to the Cibo SA3 convolute wheels and with a slightly finer finish.

    MA7 the same density as the SA7 but with a coarser girt in the wheel which means that the MA7 wheels will give a more distinct but still fine satin finish. 


    The Cibo equivalent to the 2S Fine deburring wheel is the Cibo RebelOne range of SA 5 wheels.