Soft Satin Finishing Brushes

Abrasive tex material open bore flap wheels give a fine finish and have soft flexible contact with the workpiece.

TA open centre scotchbrite flap wheels clean, give a brush structure and remove rust on a variety of metals.

Alternatively, our flap wheels can be used for the denibbing of paint and lacquers.

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Soft Satin Finishing Brushes

Soft Satin Finishing Brushes FAQs

  • What are Tex / 'Scotch-brite' flap brushes used for?

    Tex / scotch-brite materials are, by their nature, soft and forgiving which makes them ideal for creating a soft structural finish or fir removing weld discolouration off the surface of metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper

  • What are the benefits of a Combi abrasive and scotch-brite flap brush?

    Abrasive combination flap wheels give light stock removal have soft abrasive contact and provide a brush finish.

    The aluminium oxide grain discs combine 2 cloth flaps and 1 tex material flap and are designed for use on free standing spindle polishers.

    The CA flap wheels will remove scratches and surface damage to leave a satin structured finish on your workpiece, material removal and an excellent finish in one operation.

    All wheels on this page are 200mm diameter with a 50mm width and a 76.2mm centre hole. If you require some thing different, please see our full range of wheels and brushes.