M14 Abrasive Brushes + Wheels

All the wheels in this section have M14 fixings and will fit the Cibo Finimaster Pro satin polishing machine.

The range includes: Zirconia cloth, combination flap wheels, Scotcbrite / tex wheels and polishing wheels with an M14 thread.

M14 Abrasive Brushes + Wheels

M14 Abrasive Brushes + Wheels FAQs

  • What is the 'Ginger Ninja'

    Our ceramic FMCMC combination flap wheels are available in both 50mm wide and 110mm wide and is known as our "Ginger Ninja". The 60 grit ceramic cloth wheels provide a high durability and outstanding cut rate. The ceramic combination wheel is great for edge shaping, surface damage removal to leave a consistent grain finish.

  • Do you have a wheel for working on the edge on a grinder?

    For narrow section finishing we have also included a range of abrasive zirconia wheels which will fit on the Finipower variable speed grinder. Perfect for box section work, shaping weld seams and weld splatter on steel and stainless steel.