M14 Polishing Wheels

Abrasive Finishing Systems supplies ventilated and sisal polishing wheels with a 100mm width for the Cibo Finimaster or in 50mm for the Finipower or other variable speed angle grinders.

FLM Flannel - Soft polishing wheel to be used in conjunction with polishing compounds to achieve a high polished finish on stainless steel, copper and brass. Flannel wheels are suited to final finishing

FMPM - Cotton polishing wheel to be used with the pink polishing compound (PV/102) for a high quality finish on stainless steel and copper

FMSM - Our sisal wheel will apply a sheen finish to your workpiece. Sisal wheels can also be used for scrubbing and cleaning woods

SUM - Ventilated soft cotton polishing wheel to achieve a high finish on copper, brass and stainless steel

M14 Polishing Wheels