Abrasive Mounted Points

Mounted points are a great little tool for getting into those hard to reach areas with limited accessibility, where perhaps an abrasive wheel would be too large.

 Reinforced Cotton - Higher Aggression

  • MTA - Firmer than the GFA material due to the resin bond. This provides a longer lifespan and quick stock removal whilst providing an even, shiny finish.
  • GFA - Made with a soft latex bond, ideal for minor deburring and finishing in one operation. Due to softer make up, they are also forgiving products

Unitised Abrasives - Finer Finishing & Pre-polishing

  • TAUS -  More aggressive again than the MAUS mounted points, for deburring and high aggression grinding.
  • MAUS -  The same density as the SAUS wheels but with a more aggressive abrasive allow the MAUS wheels gives increased cut rate and a very fine soft satin finish.  Us the MAUS wheels for deburring and blending of intermediate sanding marks.
  • SAUS -  Even softer than the GFA material. Very much a finishing tool which adapt to the workpiece to provide a high quality finish.
Abrasive Mounted Points