Abrasive Spirabands

Abrasive Spirabands - for dressing grinding and shaping metals and woods.

Spirabands are 'mini interlined abrasive belts' that fit onto a rubber mandrel.  They are therefore very quick to change and come in a range of grits from 40 to 150 grit. 

Ceramic Spirabands - The new premium option with a faster cut and longer life. Ceramic spirabands have enough aggression to replace the traditional mounted points with the added advantage of giving a much better finish than a stone could ever achieve

Zirconia Spirabands - The most common general purpose spiraband for metals and woods. Excellent for deburring and soft metal shaping.

Aluminium Oxide Spirabands - We recommend these for metal polishing applications where you want the abrasive grain to not cut too deeply into the metal.

Use the filters to select the correct diameter and abrasive type for your application.

Abrasive Spirabands