10mm Diameter Spirabands

10mm diameter abrasive spirabands, for dressing, grinding and shaping metals and woods.

Spirabands are 'mini interlined abrasive belts' that fit onto a rubber mandrel. They are therefore very quick to change, easy to use, whilst providing high quality performance. 

Ceramic Spirabands - The new premium option. Faster cut and longer life. Ceramic spirabands have enough aggression to replace the traditional mounted points with the added advantage of giving a much better finish than previous abrasive solutions.

Zirconia Spirabands - The most common general purpose spiraband. Excellent for deburring and soft metal shaping.

Aluminium Oxide Spirabands - We recommend these for metal polishing applications where you want the abrasive grain to not cut too deeply into the metal.

Spirabands come in a range of grits from 40 - 150 grit to provide quality performances on your workpiece.

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10mm Diameter Spirabands