Tungsten Carbide Burr Sets

At Abrasive Finishing Systems we know that one tungsten carbide burr will not work for every job you have. Therefore we have put together three Carbide Burr sets.

Set 1: Diamond cut carbide burrs, for use on hard metals such as cast iron, stainless steel and cobalt. With 5 different shaped burrs.

Set 2: Fluted cut carbide burrs for use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass and copper. With a range of 5 different burrs.

Set 3: Extra long carbide burrs, for access into difficult to reach areas. Often used for car engine work and hardwood carving. With 3 different burrs.

To see details of each burr you will receive with the set please scroll to the bottom of the page. Alternatively, our full range of individual carbide burrs can be found by following this link. Please note, all carbide burrs in the sets have 6mm spindles.

Tungsten Carbide Burr Sets

Tungsten Carbide Burr Sets FAQs