Fluted Cut Carbide Burrs

Soft metal burrs or fluted cut carbide burrs, are designed for use on soft metals such as aluminium, brass and other non-ferrous metals and non-brittle plastics. Fluted cut carbide burrs have open face aids which means fast swarf removal is standard on non-ferrous metals.

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Note: All Non-Ferrous carbide burrs have a 6mm spindle.

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Fluted Cut Carbide Burrs

Fluted Cut Carbide Burrs FAQs

  • Why are carbide burrs made with a fluted cut head?

    One of the key strngths of aluminium is it's soft or maleable nature.  Which is excellent when making a tin can but can be a problem when you wish to grind it. 

    As soon as aluminium gets hot it will soften and begin to clog up a grinding tool to the extent that the tool will no longer cut.  To prevent this we recommend the fluted cut head with an open structure which allows space for the grinding swarf to be removed before it can weld itself to the carbide tip.

  • Can I use diamond cut carbide burrs for grinding aluminium?

    It is not an ideal solution but there are a much wider range of carbide burr shapes available in a diamond cut form.  You will however loose out on the burr lifetime as the aluminium will eventually clog up the carbide burr tip.  


    To counter this work at low pressure and if it is an option apply some cutting fluid to reduce / remove the grinding heat from the carbide burr tip.