New 'Rebel One' Unitised Abrasives Range

The New Unitised “Rebel One” range of unitised products from Cibo Abrasives. Four Ranges. One complete solution.

When you need precision, a high quality finish and a controlled consistent action then the Cibo unitised abrasives are just what you need.  The innvoative mixture of nylon fibres, abrasive grain and resin bonding systems combine to give a fast, consistent finish.

Benefits of the Cibo Unitised Range

  • Consistent and replicable finish
  • Cool abrasive action, meaning less heat in your workpiece reducing heat marks
  • Iron-free meaning it can be used on your stainless steel safe from contamination
  • For use on a variety of applications: deburring, structuring, weld removal, pre-polishing, finishing plus many more!

For our full range of unitised wheels and discs with a centre hole, please click here.

Check out our blog for more information about the new unitised range.

New 'Rebel One' Unitised Abrasives Range