Finitube Tube Sander & Polishing Machine

One of those machines that just does exactly what you need.  The Cibo Finitube is the most ergonomic tube polisher on the market.   

Any machine can do a straight line, but with the Cibo Finitube, corners and curves are just as easy. The unique design of the Finitube means that not only can it wrap 270 degrees around a 50mm tube but when working around a curve the tube becomes an extra drive roller, pulling the belts into the curve and keeping them on the machine. Guaranteeing a smooth, consistent finish on stainless steel every time. 

We supply the Finitube in a strong metal case with a range of belts already included so you are ready to go (see literature for details).

Belts are available from 36 grit for stock removal, through to 2000 grit for bright finishing so you should never be caught short with the Cibo Finitube.

If you have another tube sanding machine, we supply a wide range of belts for other machines here.

Finitube Tube Sander & Polishing Machine

Finitube Tube Sander & Polishing Machine FAQs

  • Can hand held tube polishers sand around bends?

    When the Finitube was first developed around 18 years ago Cibo took the opportunity to look at other machines on the market.  Existing machines on the market did a reasonable job on straight tubes but really struggled to polish curved tubes.  The problem was the way the tube polishers were held.  A wishbone type construction meant that control was lost on the bends.  So Cibo took a different approach. 


    When Cibo created the Finitube they built the arm to wrap around the tube working in the horizontal plain.  Which means that when operating the Finitube the control hand is directly over the tube , the belt can wrap well around the tube so the tube becomes an additional contact wheel for the belts.  This means that wrapping around the tube actually helps keep the belts on the machine rather than throwing them off!!


    Bends become easy with the Finitube.

  • Which belt should I use on the Fintube to achieve a 240 grit finish?

    Blend any previous sanding marks with the FF87/120/675X40 belts and then finish with the VT/RC2/675X40 medium scm belts to leave a soft satin 240 grit finish

  • How do I match a Q-Rail tube finish using the Finitube?

    Q-Rail tubes are a slightly finer finish than standard steel stock which is normally around a 240 grit finish.  Pre-finish the tube with the FF87180/675X40 belts and then use the VT/RC3/675X40 V Fine scm belts to blend the finish with the original Q-Rail tube.

  • Can I mirror polish with the Finitube tube polisher?

    It is possible to do small repair work but we do not recommend tube polishers for large are mirror polishing with any of the hand held tube polishers.  Use the VT/T00/675X40 non-abrasive scm belts with our PV/101 polishing soap once you have prepared the surface.

    Note:  1.  It is worth spending a little time to put lots of polish on the belt when you start a new belt.  2.  Turn the machine speed up to 5 or 6 to increase the working temperature.  This will help the polish to work more quickly.