EW Combi Electrolytic Weld Cleaner

Remove Tig Weld Blueing and Discolouration with the EW-Combi Weld Cleaner

The Electrowand EW-Combi weld cleaning machines remove weld discolouration and blueing to leave a clean bright finish on stainless steel tig welds. The EW-Combi gives the option of both a brush or the more traditional pads.

The Weld Cleaning Process

Clamp earth clamp to the stainless steel.  Dip the carbon filament brush in the low strength acid solution. Apply the brush to the affected area and the solution allows an electrical current to cross through the tig weld which cleans and removes any contaminants from the affected area.  

What is in the EW-Combi Weld Cleaner Kit?

Each kit comes complete with power leads, 2 cable leads (one for brushes and one for the pads), earth lead, spill proof container, 500ml acid, 500ml neutraliser, 2 brushes and 1 pack of 20 pads.

EW Combi Electrolytic Weld Cleaner

EW Combi Electrolytic Weld Cleaner FAQs