In Line Finipower Grinder

The Cibo In-Line Linear sander uses a variable speed reciprocating head which allows you to apply a satin grain, stragiht line finish into the corner of box tubes and frame work.

Depending on the abrasive pad used, the Finipower In-Line sander can: 

  • Remove weld discolouration
  • Remove scratches and damage
  • Restore and blend metals with the original finish

We provide Coarse aluminium oxide sheets for a 240 grit finish and Fine grip sheets for an equivalent 320 grit finish, these can be found here.

In Line Finipower Grinder

In Line Finipower Grinder FAQs

  • How do I re-grain box section stainless steel?

    If you are only removing light welding then simply use a coarse FMGRT pad to remove the weld colour and you can blend in with the original metal finish.

  • What if the weld burn I need to restore back to a satin finish is much heavier?

    That is why we include the 80 grit strips in with the kit.  The 80 grit willcut back more aggressively and you can re-finish and blend the grain with the FMGRT strips

  • Can I remove weld and metal with the inline sander?

    Not really. The Finipower InLine is very a finishing and cleaning tool.

  • Can I mirror polish with the Finipower Inline?

    Yes and No!! You can certainly put a polished finish in difficult to reach corners where you would struggle to polish with any other tool but it will of course not be as good as if you used a polishing mop on a spindle polisher.

  • What is a reciprocating sander?

    The finishing head is oscillating in one plain only which creates a straight line sanding finish.  The Finpower Inline reciprocates, in addition it also has variable speed control which makes it easier to blend the finish with the pre-existing surface.