Finimaster Pro

Mirror polishing large panels of flat stainless steel to a high standard is one of the most challenging processes in the metal finishing world. 

Begin this sequence at as fine a grade as is practically possible.  For this process we have assumed a finish which can be effectively refined with a P120 abrasive belt as the start point.

In principle use the wheels and belts in the sequence laid out on the page below ensuring that:

1.   When you change to the next grade of abrasive belt work change the angle of the grinding lines such that they are offset by approximately 30 degrees from the previous sanding lines and

2.  All polishing soap is removed fully before the next grade of polish is used (PV/103 Vienna chalk is recommended for this process with a soft cloth).

3.  Take your time.  Mirror polishing cannot be rushed.  Achieving a clean, consistent finish before you move on to the next stage will make it much easier to achieve a high quality final finish.

Finimaster Pro