P320 finish

For the complete solution follow the steps indicated below. The products are ordered in order of final finishing sequence.  Begin your process at the required level for you and a beautiful 320 grit satin finish will be easily achieved.

Step 1:  Use the P80 FX87 ceramic abrasive belts to remove any residual sanding lines.

Step 2+3:  Create the grain structure with the 337DC belts.  Use Trizact A300 followed by the Trizact A65 belts

             -  337DC creates a lovely short scratch finish which replicates the orginal mill finish grain structure

             -  It is worth taking time to get this stage of the process right, particularly if working on larger areas

 Step 4:  Blend the overall finish with the FMTA 600 brushes.    

If you are also creating a mitre corner finish then use the Inoxitape to mask the corner to create a perfect sharp finish.

P320 finish