Spindle Mounted Felt Points

Abrasive Finishing Systems supply a wide range of spindle mounted products felt polishing. With a wide range of shapes and sizes there is a solution for any tight area which needs a high quality finish. 

We recommend using our polishing products on this page in partnership with our polishing compounds.

Once you have finished polishing your workpiece, complete the job by using our polishing cleaners to remove polishing residue from the surface.

If you are looking for something more specific, you can find our polishing mops here.

Spindle Mounted Felt Points

Spindle Mounted Felt Points FAQs

  • What can I use to mirror polish in difficult corners?

    Felt wheels are designed to be used with our fine finishing soaps and polishing compounds to leave a bright finish.

    Abrasive felt bobs can be used for getting into those hard to reach places. The differing shapes provided allow you to work on every area and on any different shaped components you may have.

    In the 20mm diameter size, we offer straight cut felt bobs, ball shaped felt bobs and pointed felt bobs. If you do not see the felt tool you require, please see our full range of abrasive wheels. Alternatively, if you have many different sized areas for polishing, check out our felt bob set with 17 different felt tools.