Beltit SH powerfile 240volt kit

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SKU: BF/240/SH5K3B "Beltit SH 240 volt machine + kit in carrying case : + range of 80 belts for weld removal and satin polishing : + 3 Beltit arms for 3mm

The Beltit SH powerfile variable speed machine is the professional choice for polishing and finishing stainless steel. The interchangeable arms can be rotated through 270° to allow access in the most difficult of places.

Model: Beltit SH5
Voltage: 240v
Power: 1100w
Weight: 2.2kg

The SH5K3B kit comes complete with machine plus…

+3 arms for belts of size 533×3, 533×6 & 533x13mm

   –  BF/ARM/50081RVB, BF/ARM/50051B, BF/ARM/50051BOB

+ 80 abrasive belts designed for stainless steel weld removal, sanding and finishing.  All the cloth abrasive belts are supplied with the top coated Cibo Ceramic abrasive grain to ensure premium performance and will include:

    –  20 belts  60 grit,   533 x 13mm

     –  20 belts  80 grit,   533 x 6mm

    –  20 belts  120 grit, 533 x 13mm 

   –  10 belts  Medium grade conditioning belts, 533 x 6mm

    –  10 belts  V Fine grade conditioning belts, 533 x 13mm

Additional easily interchangeable arms are available.

Applications: For stainless steel fabrication and balustrading work the Beltit SH is the essential tool.


Beltit SH

Grit Size

240 grit

Cibo Product Code


Power supply

240 volt