Beltit BF powerfile air tool + 3 arms

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SKU: BF/AIR/P105K3 "The Beltit BF air driven power fmachine with 3 inter-changeable arms. Great for rough grinding

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The Beltit BF P10 finger file is a good all round machine. It benefits from a handle and motor which can be rotated through 360°

Weight: 1.25Kg
Power: 0.5hp

The Beltit BF P105K3 is supplied with 3 arms: 533×3, 533×6, 533x13mm

Applications: Ideal for roughing, weld removal, de-burring, blending and dressing, the Beltit BF Beltafile belt grinders are perfectly suited to general fabrication work.

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533 mm, 533mm +457 & 610mm options

Power supply

Air powered