Beltit SH powerfile air tool + 3 arms

SKU: BF/AIR/SH5K3 "Beltit SH air tool : With 3 arms - 533 x 3mm

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The Beltit SH powerfile is the professional choice for stainless steel fabrication work. With a wide range of arms and a powerful 0.5Hp motor to put you in control

The interchangeable arms can be rotated through 270° to allow access in the most difficult of places.

Model: Beltit SH5
Power: 0.5hP

The SH5K3 comes complete with machine +  3 arms for belts of size 533×3, 533×6 & 533x13mm

Additional easily interchangeable arms are available.

Applications: For stainless steel fabrication work the SH is the essential tool.

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